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Gabe Santos

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Gabe Santos leads with his heart, approaching his work with curiosity and compassion. As both life partners and chosen family, Gabe complements Rae in growing Abstract Junction.


Co-collaboration, curating spaces and crafting unique designs are central to the partnership. Along with creative and design contributions, "Above the Clouds" is the mindset of Abstract Junction. Gabe speaks to the Abstract Junction ethos, inspiring others to embrace personal evolution.

Rae Miller

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Rae is inspired by taking time for self through creative practice. After starting a 100 day dedication to meditation and drawing practice in 2018, Rae found her art growing in unimaginable ways. Over the years drawing expanded into hand stitching, screen printing and clever upcycling.


Since finding strength in her personal practice, she has been able to grow works through collaborations with others. Along with a creative background, Rae brings to Abstract Junction a decade of work in systems change with social impact organizations. Her systems thinking allows her to dream big, while carefully tending to the little threads that make up the larger picture.

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